What do I need to obtain a Travel Insurance Quote?

The cost of travel insurance will depend on the type of cover you require, i.e. International or Domestic cover, the plan you choose and the duration of the trip.

Single trip policies provide travel cover from the time you leave your home in Australia and until you return to your home in Australia. The policy ends on your return date.

If you are making a number of trips overseas in one year, whether it is for business or leisure travel, you may consider taking out a Multi-Trip policy, which is reinstated after each trip.

The country or countries you plan to travel to will also affect the cost of the policy. If you choose Worldwide then this provides cover for any other destination.

For travellers on cruises you will need to choose the Cruise Pack to ensure cover is available for emergency medical assistance or emergency medical cover.

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Obtaining my Travel Insurance Quote online at MyCover:

You will need the following information to obtain your Travel Insurance Quote.

Number of Adult Travellers: One will provide a quote for a single policy. Two is for a Duo policy (no children) or Family policy (with one or more Dependant Children).

For each Adult's Birthdate, enter the Date of Birth in the format: dd/mm/yyyy i.e. 15/04/1963

Number of Dependant Children: Can be from 0 to 10

Departure Date: The date you plan to leave on your trip
Return Date: The date you plan to return from your trip

Note: MyCover Travel Insurance policies are only available for Australian Residents.

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